Every programmer is a very important task is to solve problem-solving. Problem-solving builds strong logic of a programmer to write code or software development. Here I will discuss some topics of problem-solving.

Inch to Feet

Suppose you want to convert inch to feet. In this case, you will do divided the inch by 12. But a javascript developer can convert it using code very easily.

React JS

At first you should know the defination of React JS . React JS is not a framework . It is a library of javascript . It is open source and user interface . React JS mainly used in single page web or mobile application . Key features of React JS are Components , Props & State , Events , Conditional Rendering , Lists & Tables , Forms & Input Elements .


Everything in ReactJS is component. We can reuse component . It can use with other component . We can pass data from outside of component.It can have it’s own…

Every programme goes off for error . when we write hundreads line of code but one error occur in the code then the rest of the code is not exucated. To avoid this occur we use try catch method . So at first we should know what is error.


The program may stop due to a mistake in the program then we can call it error. If any user give wrong input then the programme can be stopped .Beside the server can not give response correct time then also occur error.

Error Handling

When any error occur in any programme then we…

Basic structure of Number , String and Array in JavaScript

At first will know about JavaScript for this blog . JavaScript is a dynamic programming language. JavaScript most commonly used as a part of web pages . Complementary to and integrated with HTML. It is also open and cross-platform.

Every computer programming language has number , string and array . Now I will discuss about this part how it is used in JavaScript.


The Number is a primitive data type in JavaScript. There are different types of number in JavaScript. Such as integer, float, hexadecimal, octal or exponential value…

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